Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen is a specialty food producer based in York, Maine, United States. The company was founded as a homemade products stall at a local farmers market in 1991 and today sells in 42 countries. They produce items such as jam, chutney, jellies, grill sauce, cooking oil and mustard.

At Stonewall Kitchen, food is so much more than just a business—it's a lifelong passion.

Industry Recognition

With more than 25 industry accolades under Stonewall Kitchen’s belt (including three for the coveted Outstanding Product Line), Stonewall Kitchen is one of the most awarded specialty food companies in America!

Exceptional Quality

  • Selection of only the best possible ingredients for each of the products, and incredibly strict about the standards of quality.
  • Rejection of 90% of potential ingredients for not meeting the quality standards
  • Specifically select high-quality varietals for the fruits (like Maine wild blueberries, which are much more expensive than cultivated blueberries, but are absolutely worth it) to ensure consistent flavor
  • Usage of Pure Cane Sugar in our jams, rather than less expensive High Fructose Corn Syrup or GMO Beet Sugar
  • Sample every batch of fruit received because crop quality constantly changes. If a fruit isn’t up to par, another is found even if that means delaying a batch of product.