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Aged Balsamic Vinegar

551010bIntense flavor of the finest mellow balsamic Pure balsamic aged to perfection. Aged 12-14 years, to the peak of perfection, our Aged Balsamic Vinegar adds great dimension to vinaigrettes, vegetables or sauces. This mellow and intensely flavored balsamic adds a distinct and incredible taste to all your favorite meals.
Price: 5.000 K.D.

Apricot Jam

101328Every pantry should have apricot jam Simple, versatile, sensational Made from the finest apricots, our apricot jam is a tasty example of pure simplicity. Its subtle flavor and sweet taste make Stonewall Kitchen Apricot Jam a fun and interesting complement to baking and cooking recipes. And since it's a jam, it's also delicious spread on More Info »
Price: 2.350 K.D.

Artichoke Spinach Dip Mix

210104bCrowd favorite Great served hot or cold. Everyone will love our Artichoke Spinach Dip Mix ... there’s something about the blend of spinach and artichokes that makes this classic appetizer a crowd favorite. Try making it in a small oven-proof dish, top with a little Parmesan cheese and heat it under the broiler. Serve this More Info »
Price: 2.250 K.D.

Ballpark Mustard

120829A Grand Slam of Flavor We hit one out of the ballpark with this zesty mustard! Bright yellow and full of flavor it's the perfect complement to hotdogs, burgers and sandwiches. Bring some to your next cook out or picnic and you'll hear cheers from the crowd.
Price: 4.500 K.D.

Balsamic Fig Dressing

141117bSofi Gold Medal Winner for Outstanding Salad Dressing! Intense balsamic flavor softened with rich fig The mellow tang of rich balsamic vinegar blends wonderfully with sweet, mysterious and delicious ripe figs for a perfectly robust dressing. Experiment and use it as a marinade for a fabulous meal; add to a baby spinach salad garnished with More Info »
Price: 5.000 K.D.

Blood Orange Marmalade

101349Tried and true classic only better The distinct flavor of sweet blood oranges; Stonewall Blood Orange Marmalade. Full of exceptionally sweet blood oranges, our Blood Orange Marmalade brings marmalade to sweet new expectations. A delightful change to a classic, this version is bursting with flavor. Perfect spread on scones or biscuits, or add to your More Info »
Price: 3.500 K.D.

Buffalo Wing Sauce

251805A New York Classic We've come up with our own take on the classic Buffalo wing sauce made famous by a certain town in New York. Spicy, hot and tangy this sauce makes finger lickin' good wings. Fry, broil or bake wings with this sauce and let the party begin. Serve traditionally with blue cheese More Info »
Price: 5.500 K.D.

Chile Con Queso

261622_Chile_Con_QuesoStonewall Kitchens all natural recipe for this authentic tasting chile con queso dip includes Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, jalapeno, and chipotle peppers, and zesty seasonings. Serve with crisp tortilla chips, fresh veggies or on homemade tacos, enchiladas or quesadillas. Made in the USA All Natural 16oz Jar.
Price: 5.250 K.D.

Chipotle Ketchup

261623This delicious ketchup combines smoky, chipotle peppers layered into adobo sauce to create a superb twist of flavors. Complemented by sweet tomatoes and a combination of spices, this is a ketchup unlike any you have tasted before. Try it on your hamburgers, in meatloaf, on hot dogs and dip your fries right in!
Price: 4.250 K.D.

Chunky Peanut Butter

551212Full of crunchy peanut chunks We created the ideal match for our delectable jams; rich and creamy, 100% wholesome and delicious peanut butter. Stonewall Kitchen Chunky Peanut Butter is made of only the good stuff and is sure to have the whole crowd cheering.
Price: 3.000 K.D.

Cilantro Lime Dressing

141110A summery blend of cilantro and lime A light and delicious accompaniment to any salad. Can you capture summer in a bottle? We think we may have succeeded with Stonewall Kitchen Cilantro Lime Dressing. Suddenly guacamole becomes vivacious and friends are begging you to bring your shrimp and pasta salads to the next gathering.
Price: 3.600 K.D.

Country Ketchup

261607Ketchup all grown up Just the right ingredients. Ketchup; how many times have you wished it just tasted better? Well, now it does. Made with the freshest, ripest tomatoes and a little magic from some select spices, we believe we made what could be the best tasting ketchup available. Zesty and full flavored, it's ketchup More Info »
Price: 3.800 K.D.

Cranberry Horseradish Sauce

131208A kick of heat brings out the tart goodness of the cranberries The perfect topping for turkey sandwiches Tart cranberries and spicy horseradish are blended in this unique sauce, perfect with your favorite roast or as a spread in a smoked turkey sandwich. For an appetizer of contrasting flavors, serve with smoked meats and seafood.
Price: 3.500 K.D.

Creamy Peanut Butter

551211Simply delicious Smooth creamy and perfect in a PB & J! We created the ideal match for our delectable jams; rich and creamy, 100% wholesome and delicious peanut butter. We kept it simple to highlight what makes peanut butter so delicious; the peanuts. Our Peanut Butter is full of only the good stuff, but remains More Info »
Price: 3.000 K.D.

Espresso Rub

210314Our new Espresso Rub locks in flavor and acts as a natural tenderizer to create a crispy outer crust for a roasted, smoky taste when used on beef, chicken or pork. Recently awarded one of the top new products for underlying ideas, innovative character and creative applications by Anuga Taste 11, the world's largest international More Info »
Price: 4.500 K.D.

Farmhouse Red Relish

261615bThe perfect BBQ awaits A balance of hot and sweet. Liven up the condiment tray and offer your guests our Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Red Relish. The sweet fresh goodness of red cherry peppers provide an ideal kick of heat to liven up burgers, while the mellow onions and red bell peppers offer the perfect balance More Info »
Price: 4.750 K.D.

Fusilloni Pasta

553861Artfully crafted by master pasta makers in the Dolomite region of Italy, this premium organic pasta is made from a rich, local variety of durum wheat called Matt. It is also bronze cut and dried at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to preserve the flavor of the wheat. Bronze cut pastas More Info »
Price: 3.750 K.D.

Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce

131107bA classic Italian blend of garlic, rosemary and citrus Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce is a pantry essential for easy marinades This versatile and vibrant Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce is sure to become a staple in your pantry. Perfect as a marinade, glaze or dipping sauce. The robust flavors of garlic and rosemary will add an More Info »
Price: 1.800 K.D.

Garlic Teriyaki Sauce

131113bThe perfect teriyaki sauce for garlic lovers. Garlic Teriyaki Sauce is an essential for good cooks In this Garlic Teriyaki Sauce, freshly roasted garlic and rich brown sugar add vibrant flavor and depth. Marinate your favorite cut of chicken or pork before baking, broiling or sautéing, or toss into a veggie stir fry
Price: 5.000 K.D.

Garlic Teriyaki Sauce

131113bThe perfect teriyaki sauce for garlic lovers. Garlic Teriyaki Sauce is an essential for good cooks. In this Garlic Teriyaki Sauce, freshly roasted garlic and rich brown sugar add vibrant flavor and depth. Marinate your favorite cut of chicken or pork before baking, broiling or sautéing, or toss into a veggie stir fry.
Price: 1.700 K.D.

Ginger Garlic Sauce

Price: 5.000 K.D.

Habanero Mango Aioli

111309A traditional aioli refers to a mayonnaise infused with garlic. Ours is a kick-up-your-heels version with habanero and red peppers. We mix in the subtle sweetness of mango to make this a perfect "south of the border" spread for sandwiches. Dollop on top of nachos or use as a dipping sauce for French fries or More Info »
Price: 4.950 K.D.

Habanero Mango Hot Sauce

270801bSensational combination Our Habanero Mango Hot Sauce is a sensational combination of habanera, mango, curry and mustard. Livens up steamed vegetables and adds a burst of flavor to deviled eggs
Price: 3.600 K.D.

Hand Mixed Nuts

553453This satisfying mixuture of good-for-you-nuts includes peanuts, cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, macadamia, pecans, and filberts, an alternative name for hazelnuts.
Price: 8.000 K.D.

Harissa Sauce

131152Harissa is a flavorful Tunisian hot sauce that is served throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Recipes vary regionally but we made ours the traditional way with peppers, herbs, spices and olive oil. It's extremely versatile with a captivating aroma and taste that spices up everything from meat, vegetables and couscous to roasted potatoes, More Info »
Price: 5.500 K.D.

Herbs de Provence Dipping Oil

7157atA00EL._SL1500_In recognition of this original herb blend from France and often cited as a culinary revelation, we have created stonewall kitchen herbes de Provence dipping oil. A colorful aromatic blend which captures the flavor of basil, sage, and thyme mixed into extra virgin olive oil to create a versatile kitchen essential.
Price: 5.500 K.D.

Honey Mustard Sauce

131143bThe subtle taste of honey buzzes upon the spiciness of mustard for a perfect accompaniment to grilled chicken, dip your shrimp right in, or use as a glaze for pork. Also wonderful when added to a vinaigrette for a little extra hint of flavor.
Price: 6.100 K.D.

Honey Roasted Peanuts

553451These sweet and crunchy Honey Roasted Peanuts are a great source of protein and sure to satisfy those sweet and savory mid-day cravings. A simple snack made up roasted peanuts, sugar and honey thatÂs ready to enjoy any time your are.
Price: 7.000 K.D.

Italian Dipping Oil

551013bAn Afternoon in Florence The perfect blend for dipping in. All the Italian flavors you savor mixed into Stonewall Kitchen Italian Dipping Oil. Your taste buds will be fulfilled with the enlivening flavors of Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, Fennel, and Basil. Go ahead dip your bread right in. Perfect for sautéing or creating a nice More Info »
Price: 5.500 K.D.

Jamaican Jerk Sauce

131151Enjoy a taste of the Caribbean We learned a lot about Jerk sauces and marinades from our trips to the Caribbean. That's how we know that this marinade tastes authentic. Made with a wide variety of flavorful ingredients, its distinctive layers of sweet and spiciness permeate meat to give you that great island flavor in More Info »
Price: 5.500 K.D.

Maine Blueberry Honey

551815Pure Maine Honey Sweetened by the bees with a touch of blueberry flavor. Stonewall Kitchen Maine Blueberry Honey is made by the bees in Maine. As the bees fly in the blueberry barrens they feed off the flowers of the low lying blueberry bushes. The harvested honey has a characteristic blueberry flavor perfect for your More Info »
Price: 7.500 K.D.

Maine Sea Salt

551920Harvested from the coast of Maine. Full of distinctive flavor. Sun-dried on Bailey Island, Maine, this Sea Salt is unrefined and free of additives, making it full of flavor with just the right texture. The cool, mineral-rich waters of the Gulf of Maine provide our natural sea salt with a unique flavor. The seawater is More Info »
Price: 8.000 K.D.

Maine Sea Salt and Black Pepper Dipping Oil

551021Crafted using pure, flavorful olive oil, fresh sea salt from the cold, mineral-rich waters off of Maine and the ripest black peppercorns, this distinctive dipping oil is versatile and delicious. Try it for sauteing, in homemade salad dressings or as a flavor enhancer in your favorite recipe
Price: 6.000 K.D.

Mango Chutney

mangoExplore a world of exotic tastes with our Mango Chutney From Mumbai to Maine Did you know that the mango is native to the Indian subcontinent and is the national fruit of India? We blended sweet mangos and delicious complementary spices to create this original and versatile mango chutney. Try it as a topping or More Info »
Price: 4.000 K.D.

Mango Lime Salsa

261606bSpice up any recipe or enjoy straight from the jar Zesty and delicious With a zesty kick, this salsa is best with fresh, crispy tortilla chips. This spicy, fruity blend of fresh mango and lime will turn any dish into an exciting new favorite. Great with seafood!
Price: 4.500 K.D.

Mango Peach Jam

101334bBright tropical flavor Bursting with happy summery fruits The tropical flavor of mangos, combined with the sweet ripeness of peaches join together in our Mango Peach Jam. You can blend this Stonewall Jam with a bit of white wine to create a delectable glazed chicken perfect for any alfresco meal.
Price: 3.500 K.D.

Mild Tomato Salsa

261624Coarsely chopped in the tradition of authentic Mexican salsas, our, Stonewall Kitchen Mild Salsa is full of texture and overflowing with flavor. The tomato base is highlighted with bits of onions and peppers, a hint of cilantro and lime, then accented by a subtle jalapeno ending for an extra flavorful, yet mild tasting salsa.
Price: 4.250 K.D.

Mushroom Risotto Mix

551226bSavory, delicious and so easy to make Look forward to a night out at home. It's Thursday night and you just can't get those creative culinary thoughts in motion. Grab a box of Stonewall Kitchen Mushroom Risotto Mix and you'll have the quick, healthy, home-made meal thing covered. Add some chicken or sausage for a More Info »
Price: 4.100 K.D.

Nuts & Fruit Trail Mix

553450An exploration of flavors will lead the way in this Fruit & Nut Trail Mix. Traditional salted peanuts and crunchy almonds are joined by sweet papaya dices and roasted pepitas, followed by the soft familiarity of raisins and cranberries; a healthful, energizing mix great for an active outing or daytime snacking.
Price: 6.000 K.D.

Olive Oil & Balsamic Dressing

olive.oil.balsamicOur most favorite essential dressing The finest virgin olive oil from Spain blended with just the right amount of bold balsamic vinegar and spices. Perfect for your fresh salads, or enjoy as a flavorful dip for slices of crusty French bread.
Price: 3.600 K.D.

Olive Oil with Basil

Price: 6.500 K.D.

Penne Lisce Pasta

553860Enjoy truly authentic Italian pasta Artfully crafted by master pasta makers in the Dolomite region of Italy, this premium organic pasta is made from a rich, local variety of durum wheat called Matt. It is also bronze cut and dried at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to preserve the flavor of More Info »
Price: 3.750 K.D.

Ranch Dressing

141124Tasty and traditional salad dressing but great on more than salads The basic and classic creamy taste of traditional Ranch Dressing is highlighted by the presence of dill and the zest of additional spices, slipped into a creamy overcoat of buttermilk.
Price: 5.000 K.D.

Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

Garlic.VinaigretteMellow roasted garlic, the perfect marinade Add distinctive flavor to salads with our Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette. Throughout history garlic as earned a reputation as a medicinal remedy and a customary culinary additive. Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette takes our fascination with garlic, roasts it and blends it into a delightful light and flavorful vinaigrette that More Info »
Price: 1.750 K.D.

Rosemary Oil

551018This delightfully smooth Mediterranean olive oil is infused with rosemary creating a wonderful flavor enhancer or delicious dip.
Price: 3.900 K.D.

Rosemary Parmesan Olive Quick Bread Mix

552977This crusty, peasant-style bread can be made in no time with only one added ingredient. You won't believe the flavor and moistness of this no-knead loaf. Ideal served with soups, stews or a fresh salad.
Price: 2.200 K.D.

Sea Salt Grinder

210605In the highest respect for Isidore of Seville who stated: "Nothing is more necessary than salt and sun," we bring you our Stonewall Kitchen Sea Salt Grinder, filled with sea salt created by sun, surf and the fresh air . This essential, natural taste enhancer, comes in a nifty grinder ready for you to add More Info »
Price: 0.000 K.D.

Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce

131114bClassic Asian flavors blended perfectly Make a meal in minutes with our Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce The zest and zing of ginger and the richness of sesame blend to make this sauce extraordinary. Use as a marinade, dipping sauce or add a splash to soups and stews for vibrant flavor. 11 oz.
Price: 5.000 K.D.

Spaghetti Pasta

553862Enjoy truly authentic Italian pasta Artfully crafted by master pasta makers in the Dolomite region of Italy, this premium organic pasta is made from a rich, local variety of durum wheat called Matt. It is also bronze cut and dried at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to preserve the flavor of More Info »
Price: 3.750 K.D.

Spaghettoni Pasta

553863Enjoy truly authentic Italian pasta Artfully crafted by master pasta makers in the Dolomite region of Italy, this premium organic pasta is made from a rich, local variety of durum wheat called Matt. It is also bronze cut and dried at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to preserve the flavor of More Info »
Price: 3.750 K.D.

Spicy BBQ Sauce

6609Darker than it's cousin, the No 1 Steak Sauce, the flavors jump at you as soon you spoon it in to your mouth. Though, not spicy as in hot or as spicy as spicy is, in the south, it is pleasantly tingly to eat. It's a challenge to identify the flavors. There are onions, sherry, More Info »
Price: 2.400 K.D.

Spicy Tomato Salsa

261603Spice up any recipe or enjoy straight from the jar. Zesty and delicious This Spicy Tomato Salsa is a zesty complement to fish, pork or chicken. Mix with cream cheese and use as a savory spread for crackers, muffins or biscuits. Or mix our Spicy Tomato Salsa with sour cream for a nacho chip dip More Info »
Price: 5.500 K.D.

Sriracha Aioli

111317If the combination of sun-ripened chilis and garlic sounds good to you, then it may be time to fire up your taste buds. We took sriracha, a spicy dipping sauce from Thailand, and created a uniquely robust aioli that will add a flavorful kick to your sandwiches, burgers or chicken that is also great for More Info »
Price: 4.950 K.D.

Steak Sauce

6103This tasty sauce is new for the award winning Hawkshead Relish Company. It is a very, very tasty, tomato-based steak sauce - not oozing, indistinguishable brown or orange like the big boys make. It is tangy - thanks to the tomatoes, tamarind and a touch of malt vinegar - with a nice finish of sweetness More Info »
Price: 2.250 K.D.

Strawberry Jam

101310Made with big chunks of sweet, sun-ripened strawberries, our classic Strawberry Jam turns a traditional PB&J into a delectable treat. Spoon it over ice cream or with pound cake, shortbread or scones. Try our Strawberry Jam mixed in with hot cereal. With so many uses, it's no wonder that our Strawberry Jam is always in More Info »
Price: 3.500 K.D.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

101307Our Strawberry Rhubarb Jam is bursting with flavor Our Strawberry Rhubarb Jam is a taste of a New England fresh fruit harvest at its best. Its has a delicate combination of sweet and tart flavors that brings muffins, scones and toast to life. Perk up your lunch menus with a cream cheese and Strawberry Rhubarb More Info »
Price: 3.500 K.D.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Homemade-sun-dried-tomatoes-4Le Bonta Del Casale Sun Dried Tomatoes Preserved in oil & vinegar.
Price: from 3.430 K.D.
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Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

551215Loaded with the best ingredients Effortless culinary creations We understand that a pesto is only as good as its ingredients. We have taken sweet tasting sun-dried tomatoes, the freshest of olive oils, basil, parmesan cheese, walnuts and pine nuts to create Stonewall Kitchen handmade Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto. A flavoring of summer wonders to be used More Info »
Price: 4.000 K.D.

Sweet Dill Relish

261629Bursting with the garden fresh aroma of dill, crunchy cucumbers and flavorful spices, our Sweet Dill Relish is sensational on hot dogs, in tartar sauce or mixed in with potato salad. Try it and you'll taste the difference!
Price: 3.500 K.D.

Sweet Honey Mustard

120830A delicate balance of sweet and spicy Our Sweet Honey Mustard is a unique taste sensation. Fresh honey is perfectly blended with a subtle zing of mustard to create a satisfying multilayered effect. Loved by both kids and adults, it's absolutely delicious with breaded chicken cutlets, French fries, in recipes or as a pretzel dip.
Price: 3.500 K.D.

Texas Rub

210311The big taste of Texas BBQ comes through in this rub. Brown sugar, molasses and select spices blend together to create a smoky version of a Lone Star state cue. Ideal for brisket, this rub is also great for any kind of beef. Generously apply rub to meat and let rest for several hours or More Info »
Price: 4.500 K.D.

Truffle Aioli

111318Truffles are an extremely rare, aromatic and delicious member of the fungi family. Able to grow only in certain soil and climate conditions, they have an intense, earthy flavor that has long been considered a culinary delicacy. Now you can enjoy this rare and wonderful ingredient in this smooth and tasty aioli. It's great on More Info »
Price: 4.950 K.D.

Truffle Ketchup

261627Why settle for the same old ketchup when you can pour on our rich, thick and savory ketchup, loaded with real truffle flavor. Our Truffle Ketchup is distinct, well balanced and bumps up the taste of burgers, makes meatloaf better and gives new life to French fries.
Price: 5.500 K.D.

White Truffle Oil

270805Made with Sunflower Oil and 100% USDA organic white truffle concentrate in Olive Oil, this delicious oil has a unique, earthy flavor that tastes great on bread, in salads and in your favorite recipes. Enjoy!
Price: 11.000 K.D.

Wild Flower Honey

551818Pure all natural honey As its name implies, Stonewall Kitchen Wild Flower Honey is made by the bees who fly amongst the beautiful fields of summer wildflowers. This delicious harvested honey has a characteristic floral flavor that's perfect for your morning tea, in oatmeal, on desserts or added to anything that needs a little sweetening More Info »
Price: 7.500 K.D.

Wild Maine Blueberry Jam

101305Our top seller since 1991. Just sweet, intensely flavorful wild Maine blueberries, the right amount of sugar and a splash of lemon is what we use in our crafted, top selling Wild Maine Blueberry Jam. Bursting with tiny, hand-raked Maine blueberries to enhance your favorite morning bread. Perfect to spread on pancakes, enjoy an extra More Info »
Price: 3.500 K.D.