How To Handle Your Prime Cuts Beef Safely

Minimize the amount of time that meat is left out of the refrigerator prior to cooking to prevent spoilage. In addition, wash working surfaces, cutting boards and utensils after touching any meat. Refrigerate leftovers immediately.

Beef (steaks, veal, ribs etc..) in a vacuum bag

  • A storage method that works well for fresh or frozen beef is vacuum packaging. It helps to keep beef fresh for longer periods if properly refrigerated or frozen. The vacuum packaging is usually made from plastic material. The cut of beef is placed inside the bag, the air is removed creating a vacuum in the bag, and then the bag is sealed to maintain the vacuum.
  • Store chilled in vacuum bag in the coldest part of the refrigerator for up to 5 days, or freeze if storing for a longer period. It is normal to detect a slight odor immediately after first opening the vacuum bag. The odor should dissipate within minutes. Once the bag is opened, the beef color will change from a purple/red to a pinkish/red.

Minced Beef or Burgers

Minced beef and burgers are handled differently than beef steaks.

  • From the day of purchase, you will have 2 days to consume the beef.
  • It must be refrigerated for 2 days, if not, then place the minced beef or burgers in the freezer.
  • If frozen, you can keep it in there for 3 months.



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