How To Cook The Perfect Burger

1. Leaner is not necessarily better. For the perfect hamburger recipe you want to choose ground beef that has at least 20% fat (80% lean) because fat content is key to creating juicy hamburgers.

2. Use a light touch when forming your patties to keep as much moisture inside the meat as possible.

3. Don’t press your patties. Avoid pressing your hamburger patties during the grilling process because you will lose moisture and flavor.

Grilling Tip:
Mixing your ground beef with water, oil, egg, or fillers like black beans or bread crumbs helps the patties keep their flat-disc shape, preventing them from turning into meat balls while on the grill. A small amount of filler will not detract from the flavor.

4. Keep you hamburger patties chilled in the refrigerator until it’s time to grill. Cold patties help to keep the center from overcooking which ensures juiciness.

5. Lightly cut criss-cross marks into one side of your beef patties. This will also help them keep their flat-disc shape while on the grill.

6. No soggy buns. Lightly toast the cut-side of your burger buns to prevent everything from soaking into them. It’s easy, just throw ‘em on the grill, cut-side down, the last minute of grilling.

You can also use a thin layer of mayonnaise on each bun-half. It will act as a barrier to moisture and prevent the buns from becoming soggy.

Another rule of thumb to avoid soggy burger buns is to keep them separate from your hamburgers until just before eating. 7. Always clean and oil your grill grate.

Proper Temperature for Grilling Burgers

Gas: Direct heat, medium-high
(425 – 450 degrees F)

Charcoal: Direct heat, light ash, grate should be on lowest setting

Wood: Direct heat, light ash, 3 – 4 inches deep, grate should be 2 inches above the fire

Cooking Time for Hamburgers

For perfection every time, follow these cooking times for all your hamburger recipes:

1. Keep the grill covered.

2. Total cooking time should be 8 – 10 minutes. Flip your hamburger just once halfway through.

3. Use the press test to see if your burger is done. Press on it with the edge of your spatula or tongs. It will depress easily if it’s rare, offer some resistance if it’s medium, or be firm if it’s well done.

While we recommend the press test to preserve juices you can use a meat thermometer inserted into the center of the thickest part of your hamburger to test for doneness:

Rare 125 degrees F
Medium 140 degrees F
Well 160 degrees F

Grilling Tip:
Let your perfect grilled burger rest
2 – 3 minutes before serving to allow its juices to settle into the meat.

Minced Beef or Burgers

  • From the day of purchase, you will have 2 days to consume the beef.
  • It must be refrigerated for 2 days, if not, then place the minced beef or burgers in the freezer.
  • If frozen, you can keep it in there for 3 months.



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