See Prime Cuts, an upscale delicatessen, in the news!

We offer a variety of high end Australian and American chilled meat collection and an exquisite selection of artisan cheese.

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1) Buzberry Blog – December 2009

2) Bazaar Magazine – June 2010

Prime Cuts is the place to go when looking for the perfect meat for the sizzling summer barbeque.

3) Mashmoom Blog – June 2010

Honestly , the best ever meat cuts that you can buy for barbecues and grilling , try also their fresh hamburgers , it’s so juicy and tender .

4) Z District Blog – July 26 2010

I highly recommend that you call them for high quality and premium meat of all kinds.

5) Z District Blog – July 27 2010

Prime Cuts now has a dedicated customer…

6) Ilsul6ana Blog – November 2010

7) Nouf Magazine – March 2012

8) I’m A Diva Blog – March 2012