Braised Hoisin Short Ribs

Click Here – Braised Hoisin Beer Short Ribs with Creamy Mashed Yukons ...

Steak Au Poivre

Click Here – Steak Au Poivre on the Food Network by Alton ...

Steakhouse Steaks

Click Here – Steakhouse Steaks Recipe From The Food Network by Ina ...

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Try our Grass Fed Organic Beef

OBE Organic’s cattle are selected from long-established bloodlines which have been perfected by generations of expert pastoralists. Our cattle are raised the organic way, which means naturally raised with no growth hormones, in a completely natural environment that is not tainted with chemicals or pesticides and is Halal certified. Our cattle are raised in fresh […]

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How To Handle Your Prime Cuts Beef Safely

Minimize the amount of time that meat is left out of the refrigerator prior to cooking to prevent spoilage. In addition, wash working surfaces, cutting boards and utensils after touching any meat. Refrigerate leftovers immediately. Beef (steaks, veal, ribs etc..) in a vacuum bag A storage method that works well for fresh or frozen beef […]

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How To Cook The Perfect Burger

1. Leaner is not necessarily better. For the perfect hamburger recipe you want to choose ground beef that has at least 20% fat (80% lean) because fat content is key to creating juicy hamburgers. 2. Use a light touch when forming your patties to keep as much moisture inside the meat as possible. 3. Don’t […]

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How To Cook Beef Ribs

The key to great grilled ribs of beef is to cook them slow. This makes them tender and full of flavor. Barbecuing them to perfection can take up to 5 hours. We’ll show you this “low and slow” method and also how to cook ribs of beef on the grill in just 1 hour. You […]

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How To Grill The Perfect Steak

If done right, grilling is one of the healthiest and easiest methods of cooking. If you haven’t grilled before, these tips and hints will help you grill safely with the best, juiciest, most savory results. Below are a few outdoor grilling tips will get you started in the right direction. 1. Turn on your grill […]

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